Patricia Woodland Memorial Fund

For the Advancement of Youth in Poultry

***To apply for the award, download the attached form below.***

Introduction: Central Coast Feather Fanciers, a club dedicated to the advancement of poultry breeding and exhibition, has in the month of July 2004 established the Patricia Woodland Memorial Fund for the Advancement of Youth in Poultry, in memory of Pat Woodland, one of the organization’s beloved founding members.  Through this fund, we wish to continue the generosity that Pat displayed in life by making available designated club funds to promote youth involvement in the poultry fancy.

Mission Statement: We, the members of Central Coast Feather Fanciers (CCFF) resolve to use the Patricia Woodland Memorial Fund to promote the advancement of youth involvement in poultry breeding, raising, and exhibition in the Central Coast area of California by supporting San Luis Obispo County youth, both as individuals and though recognized youth organizations, with an emphasis on supporting youth education in tangible ways.

Purposes: To provide materials or reimbursement funds for individuals members or project groups to purchase educational materials, equipment, supplies, or birds. Examples of reimbursed purchases would be poultry breed publications, and incubator for project use, a brooder, hatching eggs, chicks, breeding pairs or trios, or funds towards materials for construction of pens or yards.

Fund Raising: Central Coast Feather Fanciers (CCFF) would guarantee a minimum total annual contribution of $300.00, to be distributed to one or more successful applicants. We anticipate that other funds will be contributed by other individuals, families, or poultry organizations.

Fund Administration: The money is held by CCFF in a separate account. Funds will be dispersed by the elected Club Treasurer upon approval of a given application by the Selection Committee.

Eligibility: Applicant shall be a San Luis Obispo County resident or eligible to show in the California Mid-State Fair (CMSF) and a CCFF youth member in good standing, or a member or a recognized youth organization such as 4-H or FFA, age 18 or younger. Applicants may be age 19 if in high school and a member of 4-H or FFA. Club Chapters of recognized youth organizations may also apply as a group entity.

Method of Application: All applications shall be in writing, and prepared using the standard application developed by CCFF. Applications for individuals must include a letter of recommendation from an adult sponsor from a recognized youth organization. The individual or group representative applicant shall describe the specific project request in terms of scope and cost.

Selection and Award: Review, selection and approval of applications shall be made by a Selection Committee. The Selection Committee shall present applications being considered at CCFF monthly meetings, for discussion and advisory input form club members. The selection committee will be composed of three club members who regularly attend meetings, and shall include at least one elected club officer.

To apply for the award, download the attached form below

and submit via mail or email.